How to choose wedding suits for men

wedding suits for men

When it comes to wedding suits for men, there are certainly so many things to look after. From the latest men’s suit designs for a wedding to designer wedding suits for men, here’s your all-in-one guide to choosing the right wedding suits for men!

Historically, when we used to talk about weddings, the wedding dress has been the top priority, whereas men were expected to show up wearing the right color tie and an outfit that doesn’t have stains on it. However, things have changed a lot nowadays, for choosing the perfect wedding suits for men, has become as important as choosing the perfect wedding dress, for the groom at least!

Keep it sleek!

There’s no secret, when choosing wedding suits for men, that black tuxedos are usually the traditional default to best wedding suits for men. They are sleek, timeless, and sophisticated! However, men are now more than ever searching for different colored suits and silhouettes. And they are opting for casual mens suits for weddings.

Don’t just consider the wedding!

Whether you’ve decided on a wedding 3 piece suit for men or black suit for men wedding, make sure you choose your suit to be versatile enough to handle a variety of situations!

Yes, you want a comfortable wedding suit to wear while saying your vows, listening to speeches, and getting down on the dance floor. But it would be great if you can wear your wedding suit to a dinner party, or another friend’s wedding! Don’t you agree? So, keep that in mind while you go wedding suits for men shopping!

Choose wisely!

We all know that black tuxedos are the most popular wedding suits for men! But if you want a good compromise between a traditional suit or tux for your wedding, opt for gray and navy suits which are perfect for winter and summer weddings alike.

Furthermore, tan and white suits might be popular for summer weddings, but won’t work well for winter weddings or any other event.

Your suit should match the bride’s dress!

Always keep in mind that your wedding suit should also match the bride’s dress! It would be perfect if your suit matches your groomsmen’s suits as well and even the bridesmaids and of course the wedding theme.  So, in a nutshell, don’t ruin the aesthetic of your wedding over practicality and find a reasonable middle ground instead!

Plan your accessories

Don’t underestimate the power of good accessories that go perfectly with your wedding suits! The perfect groom accessories always elevate every type of wedding suits for men!

Did you know that groom accessories can drastically change the vibe of your wedding suit? Both positively and negatively! And this is a good reason why they shouldn’t be overlooked! So, plan your accessories to be matching your wedding suit and your wedding theme as well!

Pro tip:

Always seek professional assistance, whether in choosing your wedding outfit or your wedding accessories as well!

Don’t just consider the wedding rule” also works for your accessories! In other words, if you’re buying a new tie, belt, and pair of shoes for the wedding, make sure to find something you’ll want to wear again!

Be careful not to overshadow your bride!

The wedding suits for men should definitely be elegant, but they cannot outshine the wedding dresses. Hence, The bride must be the focus of the wedding day so whichever wedding suit you choose, make sure that you don’t overshadow her!

On a side note, you need to make sure that the guests can tell you apart from your groomsmen. So, try not to blend in with your groomsmen!

Which wedding suit style should you choose?

The formal wedding suit: If the level of formality of your wedding is very high, then opt for an elegant black suit or a tuxedo. This would be one of the perfect wedding suits for men! Moreover, formal wedding suits go perfectly with royal wedding dresses!

The semi-formal wedding suit: this wedding suit is slightly more relaxed than a formal wedding suit. If your wedding has a cocktail dress code, for example,  you can wear a dark-colored suit with a dress shirt and a tie. You can opt for a vest too! The semi-formal wedding suit matches the A-line, Bohemian, and mermaid wedding dresses!

The casual attire: A casual wedding suit is still a suit. However, if you have decided on a casual outfit you have more freedom of choice as far as colors and patterns are concerned. The casual attire matches the bohemian wedding dress perfectly!

wedding suits for men

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